We are grateful for all the support we have received over the years. Membership dues and donations are used toward student poster competition prizes, honoraria for webinar speakers, and miscellaneous fees (e.g., website). As our SIG grows we hope to create additional initiatives such as research and travel stipends. Thank you for supporting our SIG!

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  • The NTTR listserv provides a forum for members to discuss issues related to translational research and clinical neuroscience, as well as disseminate job opportunities

  • We promote our members' research on our SIG Twitter (@NTTR_SIG)

  • Members are encouraged to contribute to all the activities of the group (e.g., website articles, symposium and workshop submissions, SIG student poster competition).

  • Access to previous webinar recordings on members-only portion of our website

  • Our mentorship program pairs junior members (students, post-docs) with more senior SIG members for one-on-one career development mentoring (coming soon!)

  • Future benefits include participation in mini-conferences and SIG-initiated manuscript submissions.


All members of the Neurocognitive Therapies/Translational Research SIG must also be members of ABCT. 

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Thank you for paying your membership dues!  We count on our NTTR funds to allow us to sponsor exciting opportunities for our student and up-and-coming members, like our annual SIG Poster Winner prize and our NTTR Pre-Conference Institute Scholarship. We hope that as our SIG grows, we can be a resource for more of these types of opportunities.  Our funds also help pay for the NTTR SIG Website, which will be expanding and growing to become a resource and benefit for the entire NTTR SIG community.  


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