The work of NTTR SIG member falls in one or more of the following interconnected areas:

  1. Understanding the mechanisms of a) psychiatric disorders and/or b) interventions

  2. Prediction, i.e., neuroprediction and/or treatment allocation

  3. Direct intervention through a) development of neuroscience informed cognitive interventions and/or b) augmentation of existing interventions

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    Mechanisms of symptoms and disorders

Drs. Simpson, Van Den Heuvel & Gendanke Shavitt talk about their research on OCD biosignatures through neuroimaging to further understand the mechanisms of the disorder (watch video).


                  Mechanisms of intervention

Dr. Kym Young explains her focus on intervention, how her research combines neurofeedback and CBT to help recognize positive information and learn the principles of CBT (watch video).


 Mechanisms of individual differences in   treatment success

Dr. Tali Ball explains her studies on individual differences to determine if exposure therapy will be successful or not (watch video).


Identify biomarkers of treatment success

Researcher Francesca Morfini talks about the use of neuroimaging techniques to discover biomarkers that improve the diagnostic process (watch video).


   Identify biomarkers to inform treatment            allocation

Dr. Claire Gillian talks about getting the right treatment to the right people (watch video).


Augmentation of existing interventions

Dr. Greg Siegle explains the importance of researching intervention augmentation such as Cognitive Control Training in addition to CBT for people with depression (watch video).


 Novel neuroscience-informed interventions

Drs. Angela Fang and Sabine Wilhelm explain how their neuroscience based research translates to the clinic (watch video)


Neuroscience-informed psychoeducation


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