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the Behavior Therapist

Our SIG published a special issue in the Behavior Therapist, an ABCT journal that publishes articles on cognitive and behavioral practice, theory and research, reviews, clinical dialogues, and updates in the field. Our issue focuses on the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion in neuroscience research, emerging neurocognitive techniques, and thoughts on how to support and improve the translation of neuroscience research into clinical practice.

One article in the special issue, "Integrating neuroscience into clinical practice: Current opinions and dialogue between Drs. Jacqueline Persons and Kerry Ressler," references online materials. Please see below for the online materials referenced and the full issue.

Full Special Issue of the Behavior Therapist

If you are having trouble viewing the document above, you can download it here.

Supplemental Survey Results

If you are having trouble viewing the supplemental survey results above, you can download it here.

Neuroscience Article Repository for Clinicians here.

Video Series on "How Clinicians Can Use Contemporary Neuroscience Research in the Real World"  can be found here.

NNCI Training resources here.

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