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PsycCRITIQUES calls the SIG's new book, From Symptom to Synapse - A Neurocognitive Perspective on Clinical Psychology, "timely and much needed." Many of the SIG's members contributed and it was edited by the SIG's founder Jan Mohlman, Thilo Deckersback, and Adam Weissman. Click the PDF icon to view full review.


1. Introduction: Integrating Brain and Body Measures with the Study 

   of Psychological Disorders

Jan Mohlman, Thilo Deckersbach, & Adam S. Weissman

2. Tools of the Neurocognitive Psychologist  

Christen M. Deveney

3. Pediatric Anxiety – A Neurocognitive Review  

Alexandra Sturm M.A. & Susanna W. Chang

4. Neurocognitive Perspectives on Anxiety and Related Disorders

Samantha J. Moshier, Amanda W. Calkins, Maria Alexandra Kredlow, & Michael W. Otto

5. Neurocognitive Aspects of Anxiety in Cognitively Intact Older


Jan Mohlman, Sherry A. Beaudreau, & Rebecca B. Price

6. Neurocognitive Approaches in the Treatment of ADHD

Adam S. Weissman, Jocelyn Lichtin, & Allison P. Danzig

7. Neurocognition in Schizophrenia: A Core Illness Feature and

   Novel Treatment Target       

Matthew M. Kurtz

8. Pediatric Depression: Neurocognitive Function and Treatment


Jennifer C. Britton, Sarah M. Kennedy, Ilana Seager, Alexander H. Queen, Michael V. Hernandez, Carolyn N. Spiro, & Jill Ehrenreich-May

9. A Neurocognitive Approach to Major Depressive Disorder:

    Combining Biological and Cognitive Interventions

Rudi De Raedt

10. Bipolar Disorder: A Neurocognitive Perspective 

Thilo Deckersbach, Navneet Kaur, & Natasha S. Hansen

11. Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain; Application of Neuroscience

     to a Disorder of Neuroplasticity

John R. McQuaid

12. The Neurocognitive View of Substance Use Disorders

Stephanie M. Gorka, Yun Chen, & Stacey B. Daughters

13. Paving the Road to the Neurocognitive Clinic of Tomorrow:

     Appealing to Standards

Natasha Hansen & Greg Siegle

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