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Papers to be Written

What this is about: 

This document lists papers that NTTR members would like to see written. The idea is that if a student who may not have access to neuroscience mentorship or data wants to do a project in neuroscience, they can look up papers someone might want to mentor them on, and take one on. Students can also propose a paper and see if some faculty would mentor them in it…

The deal:


The explicit quid pro quo is that the student who successfully writes up a proposed paper would be first author on it, and the “proposed senior author(s)” would indeed be the senior authors and would provide mentorship and potentially data to the student for the purposes of the project.



If you have ideas you may never get to without some help, or datasets you’d like to see written them up, please contribute them here! Follow the format for the other proposed papers, with your article title in the “Heading 1” style. Then click on the circular arrow by the contents to add your proposed paper to the contents. Please do leave your name and email in the document so you can be contacted!

If you are having trouble viewing the document above, you can download it here.

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