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Talking Points for Organizations Wishing to Promote Neuroscience for Clinical Practice


Marlene Strege et al. have prepared a list of talking points outlining the benefits of incorporating neuroscience into clinical practice, which can be found here.

2015 tBT Letter to the Editor


The NTTR SIG responds to the October 2015 Special Issues of the Behavior Therapist on “The Biomedical Model of Psychological Problems": Click the button to the right to download a PDF of the Letter to the Editor.

Neurocognitive Training Link Repository


Click here for the Neurocognitive Training Link Repository. Courtesy of Greg Siegle, this is a community repository that's editable by anyone. So please feel free to update when you run across papers or links or publish something, yourself!

'21 ABCT SIG Panel Readings

Recommended Readings for 2021 ABCT NTTR SIG Panel 

Please click the button next to each reference to view the article


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